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Re: Tecnomagnesio Wheels

>There is a downside, the wheels start at $500 each for 5.5 X 14" and go upto
>$1073.99 for 8.5/9 X 19" ! Yikes! And you have to order at least 8.

I think I can get you a better price on Tecno's (and you only have to
buy 4 of one size).  I don't have the price list in front of me, but
they're definitely less than $1000 each.  Tecnomagnesio quoted me a
little over $1000 for original Stratos wheels, but those are hand cast
in sand using the original wood molds.

>Although a bit pricey, since aftermarket wheels in the 4X98mm bolt pattern
>are hard to come by in the United States, then at least there is an option
>besides Panasports and a handful of others.

You might want to check Cromodoro's web site as well as Speedline.
I have Speedline's racing wheel catalog here, and they even have
8.5 x 13 and 10 x 13 wheels for X 1/9's (sorry, don't know what the
price is for those).  Speedline seems to be a part of MIM which 
has quite a few wheels.  Compomotive also makes wheels for 4 x 98mm 
bolt patterns if you don't mind non-Italian wheels.

Hope this helps those who are wheel-less.


Sorry, I didn't bookmark Cromodoro.

Steve Ramm

AeroSim Research                   Senior Engineer
31 Mallard Dr.                     Adapco Ltd.
Huntington, N.Y. 11743             Melville, N.Y. 11747

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