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Tecnomagnesio Wheels

>They are made of silicone, and are available in elbows and other shapes
>in various sizes. Can be sourced from a racing supply place such as
>Racer WHolesale. Expensive, but the easy way to make bends. The Miata
>will use these in concert with straight aluminum tubing to plumb the
>intercooler. Once everything fits, and the hoses wear, we plan to
>replace them with mandrel bent tubing.

Speaking of Racer Wholesale. I got one of their catalogs. I didn't find any
elbows but I did find some silicon ductwork tubing.

On page 72 of their catalog they list wheels made by Tecnomagnesio.

Here's something you don't see everyday. In the corner of the page they say
available for FIAT, Alfa Romeo, Bizzarrini, Ferrari, Lamborgini, Lancia,
Maserati and De Tomaso. Call for other applications.

I thought I'd never see the words "available for Fiat" and "call for other
applications" in the same sentence when it comes to wheels.

It looks like they offer about 15 different styles of rims.

There is a downside, the wheels start at $500 each for 5.5 X 14" and go upto
$1073.99 for 8.5/9 X 19" ! Yikes! And you have to order at least 8.

Although a bit pricey, since aftermarket wheels in the 4X98mm bolt pattern
are hard to come by in the United States, then at least there is an option
besides Panasports and a handful of others.

Most wheel companies I've called refused to special drill a set or even
special order me a set from Europe like BBS. It's like, "Even if we make it
but we don't stock it (here in the US), we won't bend over backwards to sell
you what you need because it's not worth our time".

Sorry I feel that way but I called several wheel companies and none would go
out of their way to help me. So I ended up having a set of used Panasports

Not to mention the set of "Daytona" rims I have on my X1/9 which took me a
year and a half to come up with a complete set.

And I think they offer some high dollar racing pads for Fiats as well. They
do list Alfa Romeo.

Their number is 1-800-886-7223 if anyone is interested.

James Seabolt -----> mailto:jseabolt@domain.elided

United States

1980 FIAT 2000 Spider (injected)
1981 FIAT X 1/9 (Injected)
1994 JEEP Wrangler (2.5l )
1976 Chevrolet Pickup (454 Big Block)

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