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Re: italian-cars-digest V7 #9

James Seabolt asked:

I assume that the "air" inlet and outlet snouts on the turbo get very hot so
a common rubber pipe connector from a hardware store will melt. Anyone know
where I can get these any the piping needed for the ductwork? What are these
connectors made of?


On my turbo application I used radiator hose.  I went to an Auto Parts Club  
warehouse (whole aisle of nothing but hoses) with some rough measurements and  
bought a selection of pre-formed hoses that looked like they might do the job.   
Then when I got home, I just picked the best one, trimmed as necessary.

For the straight sections, exhaust pipe works well.  If you want to get tricky,  
you can MIG or TIG weld straight and mandrel-bent bends together to make just  
about any shape.  Form a lip at the ends where the hoses attach so it doesn't  
blow off under boost.  Also, the narrow style hose clamps hold better than the  
standard wide hose clamps.

Ken Haven
Lancia Scorpion w/ Thema turbo
Alfa 164 LS

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