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Re: [ihc] Tom's Planned Trans tunnel butchery

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From: "allanw" <weidenhe@domain.elided>
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Sent: Friday, July 30, 2004 12:23
Subject: [ihc] Tom's Planned Trans tunnel butchery

> Tom wrote:
> >I'm also starting to consider a body lift for my Travelette, to >help
> clear the T-35 with less tranny tunnel butchery.
> >- -Tom
> Tom,
>   What tranny tunnel butchery is required?  None on my part.
> The automatic tunnel is lowered and flat on top.  But I just
> picked up the higher, "round top" tunnel out of a 4 speed
> truck.  No butchery required.  Parts book shows the same
> part number for all manual trannys.  Is there something
> different with a Travelette?  Since it was a factory
> option, there should not be any problem.
> Allan W.

Tom has a 5spd out of a Medium...  it has a higher shifter tower and the
slave cylinder is farther out since space wasn't a worry...

If he had a 5spd out of a light line, it'd be a different story.

Right, Tom?


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