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Re: [ihc] 74/75 Starters Update to clarify

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From: "Joel M Brodsky" <jmbrodsky@domain.elided>
> Any which way, it's got to come out.
Yes, without a doubt.

> Ford solenoid or not, I really don't see the benifit of installing the
> solenoid right now.
> I know there are two ways to put those in.
> The High Current way, and the Low Current way.
> Sounds like Tom M, and Allan E have the high current and Hofs has the low
> current.
> Anyone have a writeup on both designs that is clear cut, because if I do
> this I'm going to have to do 5 of them since I absolutely *hate* having
> different configurations on each truck that I drive regularly.
> I'm all about the homologation.
> Thanks
> JoelB


I can show you. I've done this on all of my rigs,  the last of which is the
73 t-all I picked up this summer. This is the only vehicle that got this
change without a starter change at the same time. I needed a new set of
battery cables, so I paid the extra 8 bucks for the solenoid and the 4 bucks
for the short battery cable.

This change is so simple that you will be able to draw it by hand just by
looking at it. There was a write up in the SDS newsletter a few years ago, I
think by Jim Giordano, but it really is a simple change.


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