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[ihc] Open vs closed knuckle info sought

This has probably been covered before here and in the other forums but I thought I would ask again. I am trying to determine if switching over to open knuckles will actually help the truck turn and drive better or if the chunk of money to do such a conversion would be better spent elsewhere. Does anyonoe know the degree radius comparison of the two types? Can boxes be switched around or modified to improve the radius? It could just be that the factory box does not have enough stop to stop clearance and if this is true, there may be a way to overcome it. I would like to find a way to improve the turning radius as best I can without spending $1000 for open knuckle parts. Plus, leaving it as it is now, it is much stonger.  The hubs and bearings on this axle are twice the size of the 60 stuff. Any help or recommendations would be appreciated!


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