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Re: [ihc] Stupid Carb Problem

I've got a couple of dead 2210 Holleys laying around, I can probably round up
that pin you need if you haven't already got one lined up. Let me know and
I'll check and make sure, I can drop it in the mail to you right away. I've
been in your shoes, and if a Chrysler dealer mechanic hadn't been nice enough
to dig through his 'leftover from carb kits' parts drawer for an acclerator
pump check ball to replace the one that bounced to oblivion in my shop, I
would have been in a hum.

<Okay-the carb is not stupid, but I am and that <created the problem!

<I took my carb apart to rebuild it, and put the <dry/plastic parts separate
<from the ones that I was soaking.  <Somewhere/somehow in this process, I
<the float hinge pin-or whatever the pin is called <that holds the float in
<place.  Is this something I can buy individually?  <Can get somewhere?
<got a dead mid-70's Holley laying around that <may have one?

<Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!



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