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RE: [ihc] Stupid Carb Problem

On my Holley 2300, the float shaft is part of the fuel bowl. There's a
retainer clip that holds the float onto that shaft, but the shaft itself
isn't something that I can imagine losing. It is a pressed-in, stainless pin
with a cut end that the retainer clips on to. We either have way-different
construction, or I'm not understanding your description. If you mean the
retainer clip, then that's an easy replacement. You could find an assortment
at any hardware store, or a Holley rebuild kit.
FWIW... -John A.

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> Joseph Shaw, II
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> Subject: [ihc] Stupid Carb Problem
> Okay-the carb is not stupid, but I am and that created the problem!
> I took my carb apart to rebuild it, and put the dry/plastic parts separate
> from the ones that I was soaking.  Somewhere/somehow in this
> process, I lost
> the float hinge pin-or whatever the pin is called that holds the float in
> place.  Is this something I can buy individually?  Can get
> somewhere?  Anyone
> got a dead mid-70's Holley laying around that may have one?
> Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!
> Thanks!
> Michael
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