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Re: [ihc] trac-lok, powr-lok, oh my!

    The problem wit a LS in the front is; if you engage the front hubs you
may have a control problem on turns.  This could be really exciting,
traveling on snow in 2wd with the front hubs in waiting to engage 4wd. Those
with lockers front and rear only use them off road or simular situations.
This is my opinion, and others with that setup can probably be more helpful.
    I would like to have an air locker front and a detroit/ No spin rear in
my 1310.
Jim A.
John A.

When I put the Detroit locker in my rear diff, I put the limited slip from the back into the front. As Jim says, when the hubs are engaged, turning is a bit touchy especially on fairly firm surfaces.

Do not put a full locker in front, that is dangerous.

My own experience has been that limited slips up front don't work well with auto hubs. I converted to manual hubs, even though that's a step backward in technology. Theory says that the auto hubs autoo (couldn't resist) work fine, but at least for me they don't.

Personally, unless you have more money than you can reasonably spend elsewhere on your vehicle, I would go with a Detroit in the rear. For the money you get real strength, plus simplicity.

John Hofstetter

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