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Re: [ihc] Maybe the End to My Wartime Motor :(

From: "Jim or Ginger Aos" <jaos@domain.elided>

> We use it some times to cut the diesel in cold weather to keep it from
> gelling.

---When I first bought the Scout I was a little frightened when I drained
the oil. It smelt suspisciously like gasoline, but I was assured that it
wasn't. The PO told me that his father used to add kerosene to the oil for
the winters, and the oil had not been changed since before he passed away.
The PO was going to restore the body, so he never bothered with the oil.

---It is a common practice and suggested in the owner's manual when harsh
winters are common. There were pretty harsh winters up in Michigan, so after
finding the suggestion in the owner's manual, I didn't pay any mind to the
smell the next time I changed oil. The smell was gone after the third oil
change, so I am assuming it will take about 3 before I get all the gas out
of my crankcase. I just won't wait until 3000 miles to change oil this next
few intervals, but I do see maybe a quart of heavy synthetic added after
this next drain.

> I stop my hercules gas engine by shutting the
> fuel off rather than the ignition.  That keeps from washing the lube oil
> the cylinder walls with the unburned gas.  These are things that I have
> taught over the last 45 years.  Even so, with evidence I will change my
> opinion.  Cheers Jim A.

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