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Re: [ihc] Maybe the End to My Wartime Motor :(

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From: "Ryan Moore" <baradium@domain.elided>
To: "T.R.E.Jr." <T_R_E_Jr@domain.elided>; "IHC-Digest" <ihc@domain.elided>
Sent: Friday, November 21, 2003 4:35 PM
Subject: Re: [ihc] Maybe the End to My Wartime Motor :(

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> From: "T.R.E.Jr." <T_R_E_Jr@domain.elided>
> To: "IHC-Digest" <ihc@domain.elided>
> Sent: Friday, November 21, 2003 17:41
> Subject: [ihc] Maybe the End to My Wartime Motor :(
> > ---As suspected, there is gas in my oil. I am not sure how much as of
> > because I have never over-filled the crankcase with oil to know how many
> > extra quarts put the fluid level 2" over the full mark. I would guess at
> > least a gallon.
> >
> Not much, a  quart or two can do it IIRC.  I don't even think it would be
> more than 2 quarts.
> > --Today, after installing the passenger seat, which has been out since I
> > re-wired the Scout, we hopped in the Scout to pay bills, drop off a
> package
> > at the post office and do a little shopping at the grocery store. I
> > have checked the oil for gas due to the previous flooding of the carb,
> > for some reason... I didn't. Maybe it was due to us being so far behind
> and
> > things needing to be done first. Maybe I have no real excuse at all
> > for my ignorance. I am not one to wish bad things upon someone else, but
> > sure wish that the Ghost of Murphy, the person who originally cursed us
> with
> > his law, turn toward someone else for a little while. In other words, I
> hope
> > the "powers at be" are ready to give me break here.
> >
> > ---Tomorrow I am draining the oil out of the Scout. 7 quarts of Mobile 1
> > synthetic that has less than 1000 miles on it, and a Mobile 1 oil
> > What a waste, much more so than to have it spill on the driveway, which
> > how I discovered it in the first place. I guess now my new rear main
> is
> > toast, or gas slips past the seal easier than oil, it was dripping like
> > leaky faucet when I parked it in the yard after running around town. I
> > sure my bearings are most likely a nice shade of copper and my lifters
> > primed with a substance more harsh than kerosene. The motor will get at
> > least, a good flush, fresh oil and filter and hopefully last another
> > x(x),000 miles, but these last few thousand miles will not be off-road
> > she will be babied like she never imagined. :-(
> >
> Actually, I believe kerosene is more harsh than gasoline, but that is
> neither here nor there...

Kerosene is next to diesel fuel, (I think) in lubricty, but better than gas.
We use it some times to cut the diesel in cold weather to keep it from
gelling.  That is part of the reason that a diesel engine and the exhaust
system last so much longer.  I stop my hercules gas engine by shutting the
fuel off rather than the ignition.  That keeps from washing the lube oil off
the cylinder walls with the unburned gas.  These are things that I have been
taught over the last 45 years.  Even so, with evidence I will change my
opinion.  Cheers Jim A.
> Gasoline still provides some lubricating properties, but it's a lot
> than your oil, which is why it might have slipped past the seals.  No idea
> if it'll stop immediately with the fresh oil though...
> I want to say for some reason that 6 quarts puts you right at the full
> so you might just have one quart of gasoline in there...  I'm thinking but
> keep wanting to say that on my 345 6 quarts puts it at the line with 7
> I like to use) putting it a bit above.  The more oil you put in the faster
> it goes up the dipstick per quart too due to the shape of the oil pan.
> you get to 6 or 7 quarts it moves really fast...
> > ---I am not giving in yet. She has always been good to me, and even
> > this is the first time in the six years I have let her down... she has
> made
> > it evident that she does not appreciate being neglected and that I had
> > better never allow it to happen again.
> >
> > ---Thank you,
> > -T.R.E.Jr.
> > -`73 Scout II (StoneThrower)
> > -`51 Farmall H (Heinz)
> > -`49 IH fridge (presently unnamed and in need of a compressor)
> > -`49 Plymouth Special Deluxe 4-door Sedan (Papapalooza)
> >
> Don't give up hope yet.  In the old radial aircraft engines some of them
> have a button to inject fuel into the oil before shutting down, the idea
> to do that when it's going to be cold the next day, you start with the
> in the oil and the fuel evaporates after the engine warms up... temporary
> multiviscocity oil.  Now that multi viscosity oil is availible the systems
> don't get used as much (not needed)
> The gasoline isn't as good as oil, but it's a LOT better than water and
> still provide some lubricating properties!
> So when you checked your oil could you actually detect a lot of gasoline?
> did you put some on your finger and feel it etc?
> Standard disclaimers apply, everyone else might decide I have no idea what
> I'm talking about etc etc...
> -Ryan

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