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[ihc] Maybe the End to My Wartime Motor :(

---As suspected, there is gas in my oil. I am not sure how much as of yet,
because I have never over-filled the crankcase with oil to know how many
extra quarts put the fluid level 2" over the full mark. I would guess at
least a gallon.

--Today, after installing the passenger seat, which has been out since I
re-wired the Scout, we hopped in the Scout to pay bills, drop off a package
at the post office and do a little shopping at the grocery store. I should
have checked the oil for gas due to the previous flooding of the carb, but
for some reason... I didn't. Maybe it was due to us being so far behind and
things needing to be done first. Maybe I have no real excuse at all except
for my ignorance. I am not one to wish bad things upon someone else, but I
sure wish that the Ghost of Murphy, the person who originally cursed us with
his law, turn toward someone else for a little while. In other words, I hope
the "powers at be" are ready to give me break here.

---Tomorrow I am draining the oil out of the Scout. 7 quarts of Mobile 1
synthetic that has less than 1000 miles on it, and a Mobile 1 oil filter.
What a waste, much more so than to have it spill on the driveway, which is
how I discovered it in the first place. I guess now my new rear main seal is
toast, or gas slips past the seal easier than oil, it was dripping like a
leaky faucet when I parked it in the yard after running around town. I am
sure my bearings are most likely a nice shade of copper and my lifters are
primed with a substance more harsh than kerosene. The motor will get at
least, a good flush, fresh oil and filter and hopefully last another
x(x),000 miles, but these last few thousand miles will not be off-road and
she will be babied like she never imagined. :-(

---I am not giving in yet. She has always been good to me, and even though
this is the first time in the six years I have let her down... she has made
it evident that she does not appreciate being neglected and that I had
better never allow it to happen again.

---Thank you,
-`73 Scout II (StoneThrower)
-`51 Farmall H (Heinz)
-`49 IH fridge (presently unnamed and in need of a compressor)
-`49 Plymouth Special Deluxe 4-door Sedan (Papapalooza)

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