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Re: [ihc] Smokeing Question

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From: "Steven Stegmann" <steve.stegmann@domain.elided>
To: "Skip Duplissey" <scoutii@domain.elided>; <ihc-digest@domain.elided>
Sent: Thursday, October 23, 2003 10:46
Subject: Re: [ihc] Smokeing Question

> Skip,
> Excess fuel would be black smoke.
> White could be steam or oil.
> White smoke is most likely engine oil.  My 345 did that for a while after
the rebuild.  Started after a few hundred miles and then quit again later.
Could easily be a ring not quite seated yet.
> Steve

Don't forget, a byproduct of perfect combustion is water.... are you sure
you don't have water vapor.  Try to waft some exhaust smell your way (don't
put your nose up to the pipe... it's not a good idea)... if it's coolant you
should smell the semi sweet antifreeze smell.  Everything has a unique smell
when it burns.

On that note... my scout still needs tinkering.  I *think* it's getting
better though.


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