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Ok, enough of the offtopic nonsense.  This is the IHC digest, not the
Hofs/reality/chocolate/grandcherokee/dans fiancee(wife) digest   ;-)

I've got vibration. On the SOA Terra, at about 60ish it vibrates real
bad, then goes away at hgher speeds.  Thought it was in the driveline,
but not certain. The diff is clocked to point at the t-case and I have a
double cardon drive shaft to accomodate it. Is it possible that the
vibration is in the tcase or tranny?  The driveshaft builder thought it
might be the driveshaft isnt seating correctly in the u-joint, but it
looks fine to be.  It is definately speed and not rpm related.

Maybe one of you can tie me to the bottom the Terra and drive it on the
freeway so I can see where it is vibrating...

Alrighty then...

Ken (aka potential Darwin Award recipient)



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