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Re: big HP twin cams

James Seabolt <jseabolt@domain.elided> wrote:

> However I have no intentions of wanting to blow the doors off a
> Mustang GT, Camaro or Porsche. It's these rice box Honda Accords,
> Toyota Camry's owners that tick me off.

First, my 850 Spider came stock with an 843cc engine and about 50hp.
I'm trying to build a fast car with that as my starting point, so
quit your complaining :-)

Secondly, maybe I'm getting old or something, but lately I've been
less and less worried about blowing the doors off anyone. Not that
it wouldn't be fun once in a while. But it seems to me that instead
of talking about spending x-thousand dollars to get y-horsepower, it
makes more sense to think in terms of, "what do I want in a car?,"
and "do I have the money to do it?" No matter how much you spend on
a Mustang, it will never, ever be a tiny, light-on-its-feet, rear
engine Italian roadster.

Bob (rjl@domain.elided) | '67 Fiat 850 Spider | '85 Mazda RX-7

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