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124 Shocks and springs info -- summary

Thanks for all the emails regarding shocks for 124s  here's a summary of 
the info I received (this should probably be put into a FAQ list 

-- KYBs are regarded as stiff and somewhat unreliable due to poor 
quality control.
-- KYBs tend to calm down after some miles of use (as little as 30 but 
as much as a "few thousand" according to a couple of respondants).
-- Nobody said they were happy with KYBs.
-- Konis are generally regarded as "worth every penny" although I've yet 
to be able to determine the intended application these people are basing 
this conclusion on (i.e., for racing or lively street use or calm street 
use, etc.)
-- Another alternative is Gabriel shocks sold by Caribou, but I haven't 
found any owner-provided information about them.  Has anybody 
tried these??

As for springs:
-- A progressive type spring was recommended, but no supplier was given.  
I cannot determine if there is another manufacturer of performance 
springs for 124s other than the "Red" springs International 
Auto/Vicks/et. al. sell.

From my experience, my KYBs did calm down a bit in the rear, but the car 
still bounces once in a while and doesn't take road imperfections with 
as much grace as some other 124s I've driven.  I'd have to say I'm not 
satisfied with them -- I think my car should ride better.

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