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'81 Lancia Beta Coupe for sale

My girlfriend saw an X1/9 and suddenly can't live without pop-up 
headlights.  So, she would like to sell her '81 Beta Coupe.  
Alternatively, if anyone would like to trade for a really nice X1/9, 
let's talk.  Here's the details:

'81 Lancia Beta Coupe
Lancia Blue -- resprayed less than 2 years ago
No rust, dents, or cracks in glass
Black leather interior
73,000 miles (Engine rebuild at 60K)
Power steering rack rebuilt/new boots
AC works
Power windows and all electrical works
4-2-1 exhaust header
AM/FM Casette 
Interior in mostly great shape (original steering wheel looks gorgeous)

Looks brand new with these exceptions:
Dash has three cracks in it
Side windows (tastefully) tinted 

Asking $2600 or trade for a nice X1/9

This is the nicest Beta Coupe I've ever seen -- very original looking.  
I can't find any evidence of an accident and there is no rust anywhere 
(The car's in Phoenix, Arizona).  Send me email if interested.

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