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Guy Croft Book

Dear Readers,

In reponse to all the talk about the Guy Croft book and going fast.  It all
comes down to "if want to play you have to pay".  There is a lot of power to
be had from a Fiat twin cam motor.  Not from just bolting on some hot rod
goodies out of a catolog.  You have to purpose build the whole motor.  The
Fiats are less expensive than any of the comparable motors to build; lotus
twin cam, Cosworth, Alfa, Super V..., but still not cheap.  Expect to spend
$8,000.00- $10,000.00 U.S. for a really hot twin cam race motor, about half
that much for a hot street motor.  Horsepower isn't cheap!!!

Best Wishes,
Robert Rodgers.
Robert & Cindy
Shade Tree Enginetrics

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