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RE: 124 Suspension woes

>Konis do have a lifetime warranty but it sounds like yours are OK.  I had   
>a set for my 124 spider and unlike the gascharged KYB shock they would   
>not return to max extension when no forces are applied.  The real test is   
>to try to extend and compress them, if the action is smooth and well   
>dampened then they are OK. I bought mine new and tried them at full firm,   
>they were realy stiff so I backed off about 3/4 and this gave a nice firm   
>ride but not so harsh as to require a kidney belt.

What would cause a shock to ride really stiff if the shock was de-compressed
(like raising the rear end in the air) then letting it back down again.

After doing this the car would require about 30 miles of driving for the
rear suspension to settle out. Until then the ride was so firm, I actually
felt one of the rear wheels lift off the ground when I hit a bump in the
road, as apparant by the squeel when it tire came back down! My kidneys were
actually sore.

I got new shocks afterwards and it's been OK ever since.

The ride quality wasn't bad until you lifted the ground off the ground and
drove it afterwards. Nor did the car bounce. 

I have only seen this happen to Spiders and it's only on the rear suspension.

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