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recent Strada comments

I had a '79 Strada (sold it 8 years ago); this was my favorite of all
the Italian cars I've owned/leased (including a 127, a 131, and my
current Alfa Spider).  No more 'butt-ugly' than the other hatchbacks of
the day, and made a wonderful Cabrio (not in the US, alas).  This was my
daily driver for years in the Northern Midwest US (Iowa and Northern
Minnesota), and would start up in -30 Duluth winters and navigate fairly
deep snow w/no trouble (skinny tires, and high off the ground).

As for the tires, Dan P. wrote:
"I admit that I never owned a Strada (and I'd love to now, but I'm busy
with my Alfas and fat chance finding one much less in marginal
condition,) but that wheel didn't even have a hole in the center. (Am I
remembering this correctly?) How do you change tires much less put in on
a tire balancer?"

To be honest, I don't remember the exact configuration, but I assure Dan
that I changed the Strada's tires on a couple of occasions, and didn't
notice anything different from any other car I've owned before or since.

- David R.

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