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Ferrari advertising

>Advertising costs are a primary reason why Alfa left the US. Do you know how
>many cars Alfa sold in 1994? Try 800, (yes eight hundred!) 1993 wasn't any
>better as it was about 1300 cars. Now try to do advertising (or even pay your
>rent) when you only have a thousand or so cars to spread the costs over! Yes,
>it can be done. Ferrari sells about 700 cars a year in the US, but the
>amortized cost for ads per Ferrari sold is just about $5000 (Ferrari's ad
>budget being about $3.5 mil annually). Now it's one thing to raise the price
>of a $133,000 F355 to $138,000 to cover your advertising costs, BUT it is
>another thing entirely to raise the price of what would have been a $26,000
>(or so) "NEW" Alfa Spider to $31,000 to cover ad costs. It just doesn't work.

I'm just curious. Where does Ferrari advertise their cars? I can't recall
the last time I have ever seen a Ferrari advertisement. I know I have never
seen a Ferrari TV ad but I subscribe to European car magazine and you would
think that would be the first place they would advertise.

I guess the name Ferrari speaks for itself. Just like Lamborgini.

By the way I've seen two of those new Alabama built MB mini-utes within the
past few days and I think they are dog ugly! Slap me for saying this but I
think that new Honda CUV (or whatever it's called) has more style than that
thing. I'd expect more from Mercedes Benz. I hope this isn't the shape of
things to come. 

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