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124 Suspension woes

Hi all,

Well, after installing International Auto performance springs and KYB 
GR-2 shocks in my '72 124 Sport Coupe, the thing rides really rough.  I 
figured the KYBs would be tamer than Konis and give a better ride.  I 
can't complain about the handling, but small road imperfections can 
really be felt and heard in the car.  Any advice?

One good thing I can say about the springs is they did a great job of 
lowering the car to an attractive height.  

As an aside, the rear shocks were Konis (I didn't know they were until I 
pulled them off)...  But, they seemed like they were dead to me..  I 
would push or pull them and they wouldn't move from wherever I stopped.  
I thought Konis had a lifetime warranty... true or no?  If so, do they 
ever need to be re-charged or something?


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