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124 Rear mufflers


I'm new to the list, so forgive me if this has been asked.  I'm shopping 
for a rear muffler for my '72 124 Coupe.  I've narrowed my choices to 
Ansa, FAZA/Daytona, or Stebro.  Is there a general consensus on which of 
these is the best quality, including fit?  I'm not so concerned about 
which will give the most HP increase (if any).  Fit, finish, quality and 
appearance are more important to me, as well as the sound.  I've *heard* 
that the Ansa is too loud and tends to rust...  What about the Daytona?  
Is the Stebro and stainless in general really worth the price?  Any 
others I should consider?

Thanks in advance...


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