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Guy Croft book

Dwight wrote in ICD #32...

<< Subject: New Guy Croft book
 In the new Classic Motorbooks catalog there is a listing for:
 "Modifying and Tuning Fiat/Lancia Twin Cam Engines" by Guy Croft. 256
 pages with 700+ photos. It is item #123928AE and is priced at $79.95
 This book may not be available yet as Motorbooks has a habit of
 advertising things before they are available. 
 Anyone know any more about this?>>

I do Dwight... I've had these available since December 1996 (over a year
ago!). As others have mentioned, very well written, very well researched,
excellent documentation but if you really stand back and think about it, maybe
(in my opinion) a little bit "overboard"! How many of us are really going to
go and spend $3000 or more building a "trick" dry sump, Volumex, twin cam
engine? I know it happens but a book like this could only have come from

Best Wishes,

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