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Guy Croft book

>In the new Classic Motorbooks catalog there is a listing for:
>"Modifying and Tuning Fiat/Lancia Twin Cam Engines" by Guy Croft. 256
>pages with 700+ photos. It is item #123928AE and is priced at $79.95
>This book may not be available yet as Motorbooks has a habit of
>advertising things before they are available. 
>Anyone know any more about this?

I ordered this book from Classic Motorbooks a few months back, after about a year of 
urging by a friend who highly recommended it.  It's an excellent book; take the 
section from Phil Ward's twin cam book on engine modifying and tuning and expand by a 
factor of ten.  Covers tuning theory, engine tear-down and build-up, testing, and 
every engine system in detail.  I'd say that for most people, it should be the first 
installment they make towards modifying their engine.  The only thing not technical is 
about thirty pages of owner's cars.

Mark Rawlings

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