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Re: New Guy Croft Book

Dwight Varnes writes:

>"Modifying and Tuning Fiat/Lancia Twin Cam Engines" by Guy Croft. 256
>pages with 700+ photos. It is item #123928AE and is priced at $79.95
>This book may not be available yet as Motorbooks has a habit of
>advertising things before they are available. 
>Anyone know any more about this?

It's been available for a year or more.  I ordered a copy from in
September after seeing it in someone's hands at the Fiat meet in Portland this

Most excellent tuning book, wish it had an index!  It's a little heavy on the
2-liter and spends more time on the 1.6-liter than the 1.8-liter, probably
because the 1.8-liter isn't all that common in Europe.  Inspiring pictures of
competition and kit cars and body modifications and engine transplants.
Lifecycle data for competition motors.  Not enough examples of packaged
modifications for common engines (e.g. this cam with the following mods
produced this output on this engine), but there are good guidelines on what to

Note that Guy Croft Tuning was purchased by some other company, but the phone
number and products are still the same.

George "just ordered a Scorpion/Monte Carlo dual DCOE manifold" Emery

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