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RE: 124 Suspension woes

Konis do have a lifetime warranty but it sounds like yours are OK.  I had   
a set for my 124 spider and unlike the gascharged KYB shock they would   
not return to max extension when no forces are applied.  The real test is   
to try to extend and compress them, if the action is smooth and well   
dampened then they are OK. I bought mine new and tried them at full firm,   
they were realy stiff so I backed off about 3/4 and this gave a nice firm   
ride but not so harsh as to require a kidney belt.

If you want a softer ride without sacrificing too much handling try   
progressively wound springs.  What this does is give you a small amount   
of soft spring to absorb the small bumps and a firmer spring when you   
compress the suspension more as in cornering.  Have Fun!


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Hi all,

Well, after installing International Auto performance springs and KYB
GR-2 shocks in my '72 124 Sport Coupe, the thing rides really rough.  I
figured the KYBs would be tamer than Konis and give a better ride.  I
can't complain about the handling, but small road imperfections can
really be felt and heard in the car.  Any advice?

One good thing I can say about the springs is they did a great job of
lowering the car to an attractive height.

As an aside, the rear shocks were Konis (I didn't know they were until I
pulled them off)...  But, they seemed like they were dead to me..  I
would push or pull them and they wouldn't move from wherever I stopped.
I thought Konis had a lifetime warranty... true or no?  If so, do they
ever need to be re-charged or something?


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