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re: Konis, KYBs and springs

> Well, after installing International Auto performance springs and KYB 
> GR-2 shocks in my '72 124 Sport Coupe, the thing rides really rough.  I 
> figured the KYBs would be tamer than Konis and give a better ride.  I 
> can't complain about the handling, but small road imperfections can 
> really be felt and heard in the car.  Any advice?

The KYBs are way too stiff, IMHO. I'd like to yank them from my car and
replace them with hydraulics. The Konis are adjustable; you have to
fully depress them, then twist the top and bottom halves to set the
adjustment. They are lifetime warranty, and can be rebuilt by Koni if
you can wait. I would heartily recommend the Konis over the KYBs any

Dwight Varnes
70 124 Spider
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