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Butt-ugly Stradas

My never-to-be-humble opinion on Strada styling has apparently raised a
few eyebrows. Allow me to elaborate.

Ain't nothing wrong with round door handles, unto themselves.

Strada paint colors were wild, but then so too were Le Car paint
schemes, and look how many of those silly things were sold.

What makes the Strada ugly is the unpainted greyish plastic facias front
and rear. The only Strada I ever thought was stylish was Bryner
Raudibaugh's red one that he painted these parts to match the body.
Along with body color mirrors and a red accented interior the car looked
the way the stylists probably intended originally.

The european Ritmos didn't have these ugly plain plastic parts, so far
as I know. More of Fiat's engineering to "meet American tastes".

Dwight Varnes

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