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Re: [ihc] Trusting homework

The problem isn't with the german engineering.  That's
fine.  But something like a Tourage [or however you
spell it] isn't really a trailer puller.  Nothing that
short really is.  Not if you want to be comfortable
and safe.

--- Joel M Brodsky <jmbrodsky@domain.elided> wrote:

> Jim,
>       Actually, I would be inclined to trust them. 
> When VW is testing new
> models, usually about a year or two before they came
> out with the New
> Beetle, the Passat, the TDIs, the new Jetta/Golf and
> BMW with many of their
> car/motorcycle models, they (Chermans) often bring
> them out this way
> (during the summer, it's the closest thing to hell),
> and they often take a
> trip to Death Valley and back just for fun.  Towing?
>  Well, I can't say
> I've seen them towing, but I do see lots of
> Manufacturers license plates
> around these parts, and they seem to be just driving
> around, in traffic,
> and such.  I've wondered if they don't select people
> to drive their cars
> for a while to see what breaks/overheats/burns-out. 
> I'd love that job in
> addition to a daily.
>       I'm more inclined to trust them than not, is
> all.  I've been highly
> impressed with the Cherman Enchineering so far.
> JoelB
> Grammer writes:
> The vehicle's so new, and so few people are likely
> using them to tow with
> that I expect you won't find a lot of data yet. Do
> you trust VW to have
> done
> their homework?

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