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RE: [ihc] WORT for sale - off topic

## >> Did I mention I want one!!  Have to do a bit better
## >> than 50 kph but we can work on that.
## >>
## >> Steve

just one question...  why?  you in some kind of hurry or something?  40mph
(the average for the WORT) is plenty fast enough for me.  if i had the $$$
to build one of these, and the ability to just travel around the country in
it, *I* wouldn't be in any kind of hurry either.  a nice, sedate, easy pace
is all i need or want.  let the traffic pass on by, no worries.

of course everybody has their own priorities, i guess.  speed just isn't one
of mine.


Take care and be well, all thee and thine;

May the Hamr lend thee Strength and Courage,
May the Twin Ravens lend thee Wisdom and Guidance,
May the Wolves Guard and Protect thee, and
May the Light of Harmony ever shine brightly upon thee and thine,
Through all thy Life's Journeys, from this life unto the next!

Hail the Gods and Goddesses of our Folk!

Krystof "Mac" MacBryghde

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