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[ihc] Re: ihc-digest V7 #554

The brake pedal is raising up, but doing so slowly. What could be causing the delay in its rise? I've got a new (well...remanufactured) Corvette Master Cylinder, and it's attached to a proportioning valve of some kind. (I don't know what vehicle that valve is from, to be perfectly honest.) Could it be that valve is causing the slow rise in the pedal? Any ideas?


The brake lights are triggered by a switch behind the brake pedal post.
If the brake lights are on it means your brake pedal is not raising all
the way up after release.
George H.
72 Scout II
345 V8

Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 18:46:42 -0400
From: David Bongo <dbongo@domain.elided>
Subject: [ihc] Dynamat; brakes

It feels like the brakes are sticking, and when I finished the route
(and was out of the truck) the rear brakes lights were on and just turned off when I got to the back of the rig. Could the Master Cylinder sticking, or should I look elsewhere? Is there any way to evaluate what's going on while on the route? I could feel the wheels for heat, but 550+ stops in 3 hours and under 40 miles gets the brakes really hot.


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