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RE: [ihc] RE: Herm buddy

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>From: Ed Sohm [mailto:idaemes@domain.elided]
>Sent: Tuesday, May 25, 2004 8:27 AM
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>I'm going to tell what I have heard about these D20 OD units.  I have no
>direct knowledge of them but was told they come off of older Chevy's.
>My dad had a rusted out '58 Biscayne with a 3 speed overdrive.  When I
>asked if this was the correct OD, I was told that it was.  I would be
>promptly cut out of the will if I thought about stealing parts off of
>Dad's "first car" so I will never know.  I would still have to find the
>kit that is needed to put it on the back end of a D20.  It is cable
>operated BTW.  Grain of salt and all.  Just something I heard on the BB
>when the BB only had ~30 posts a day.


Chubbies, Ferds, Studes, you name it. Even IH's(T-2 IIRC) :)

The o/d unit is basically the same for them all, fitment details prolly vary
some depending on which tranny they're mated to. I expect a 'spud shaft'
adapter was used to adapt to the D20, just not sure if there are pertinent
differences between the Ferd and Scout D20 requiring different parts for the
o/d install. Pretty good rundown here:

More pics of the guts:

The cable locks out the shift function of the o/d unit, which with OEM
wiring was automatic(governer controlled solenoid). Hence the term
'electric' overdrive.

I like them enough to have amassed 4 T-2's, naturally none of them are in
trucks at the moment ;(


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