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Re: Reply: [ihc] Postal 800 Scout II Front Axle

Ted Borck wrote:
> On Fri, 13 Feb 2004, David Bongo wrote:
> I'm in Miami - which part of FLorida do you live in?

Northern FL.  Near St. Augustine, figure a good 6 hour drive from Miami.

> I have an extra 1975 4X2 Scout Traveler, complete (power steering, power
> brakes, etc) with rust - which I need to get rid of.
> In fact - if it would help - you could have the body/chassis minus
> engine/trans.
> The only other caveat is that I may also need the rear axle - which I
> won't know for a week or so.
> I'm not looking to sell it, my Scout projects are far along enough that
> this vehicle is surplus and in the way (read I'm a married man).
> I believe that I also have a spare 3:08 (3:03?) Scout II rear axle - drum
> to drum.
> Would this help?

Thanks for the offer, but no.  I'd love to have a fleet of IHs, (and I'd
always planned on getting a RHD Traveler) but the 800 would clean me
out.  Still, I'll keep it in mind in case things don't pan out.

> This is stuff I've accummulated while building toward the current Scout
> project, and is no longer needed.
> Any one need a good Traveler top?

I almost did, when I was considering getting one of those overpriced RHD
Terras Jim Grammer told me about.

> Don't worry about explaining why you want the 800 and not another vehicle.
> In my case, a J**p CJ type 4X4 (short wheelbase 4X4) would be more cost
> effective for what I want, but if I wanted a J**p CJ, I'd bought a Jeep
> CJ.

Hey, a DJ would be more cost effective for what I want to do, but it's
not what I want...nor is it what I really need.


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