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RE: [ihc] What's in your rear end?


Can you post a URL to a picture of these bearings.  I'm having a problem
visualizing them.



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At 7:53 AM 2/6/04, Jim Grammer wrote:
>Just the friendly pseudo-regular reminder that the rear wheel bearings in
>your SII or 1/2 ton full size D44 are what keep the wheels attached to the
>truck :o)
>It went back together with fresh Timken Set10 bearings(accept no
>AZ has the best price) no inner seals, and CR outer seals(CSK/Parts
>*very* nice units).

I tend to INSIST on a substitute--the Link Belt STRAIGHT roller type wheel
bearings !!
(# RB 10 ??) Don't remember which number is for IH and which is for Volvos
!! ) :-)

These are a VERY nice bearing. The retainer ring that comes with these is
HUGE, and also serves to take the inward thrust from the axle. They also
require removal of the inner seal--but a pre-pack with grease to give them
something to live on whilst the oil is finding its way out there.

As these bearings are 'cageless', they have a higher roller count than the
Timkens, and therefore a somewhat higher load capacity.


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