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Re: [ihc] Parking brake cable lubing

> >Seems like if you had something that clamped around
> >the housing, and the cable tightly (maybe a rubber seal?)
> >and a zerk fitting on it, you could force grease down the
> >housing. 
> >
> >Anyone?  If not perhaps I will set about making something.
> >I have multiple cables I'd like to free up a bit.
> >
> >Allan W.
> Good idea, but I need one for my speedometer cable also.
> John

  Those are available, even from J.C. Whitney.  Thing is, you really 
need to take it off the back of the speedo before pumping grease
in from the tranny end.  The difference between getting the whole 
length greased and flooding the back of the speedo isn't much!

Allan W.

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