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Re: [ihc] Crank Scraper

At 4:52 PM -0700 11/21/03, Tom Mandera wrote:
IMHO, formed by talking to some more experienced IH hot-rodders.. save your $50.

The deep-skirt IH block doesn't really put the crank much below the bottom of the block, and the crank shouldn't be IN the oil at any point, so it's not like you're going to kick up a bunch of oil and splash it about.

I have yet to see frothy whipped oil in my race engine, and I run 7qts in a 74 truck pan and flog it at 5,000+RPM for extended periods of time.

I did have some starvation problems running 6qts with a SII pan.. hopefully the 7qt truck setup will alleviate that problem and keep me from wasting rods and main bearings every year or two (well under 1000 miles total).

We Race Farm Equipment

John M. Adams wrote:

listing... Have any of you ever used one, or know anything about them? It
like an easy and inexpensive way to increase horsepower, but thoughts from
experienced folk would be appreciated...  Thanks, -John A.

Is there a truck pan with the two part construction like a Scout II ?

John Hofstetter

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