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Re: [ihc] in-tank fuel sock

---The main reason I stated after the pump is because it saved time in
asking if there was an electric fuel pump. Regardless though, a filter after
the tank and a filter before the pump and another before the carb is
standard. It won't hurt to have three, but it will be neccessary to remove
the one from the tank or you will be defeating the purpose and adding more


---I did come up with this if you can't find anything from the parts
vendors. First of, I have a number that might be the one you are looking
for, but it is an IH part number that basically, no one will be able to
cross reference because or trucks are pretty much on the obsolete list.

---Now, what you need to know is the diameter of the pick-up tube. Here is a
company that has replacement fuel tanks and sending units and a couple of
choices for Mopar fuel strainers
http://www.quantaproducts.com/store/products.asp?dept=288? (last question
mark is part of URL). Either 5/16" or 3/8" on the diameter of the pick-up
tube. My sending unit is already in the tank, so I can't measure it for you,
and I have discarded the fuel strainer... sorry :-(.

---Thank you,
-`73 Scout II (StoneThrower)
-`51 Farmall H (Heinz)
-`49 IH fridge (presently unnamed and in need of a compressor)
-`49 Plymouth Special Deluxe 4-door Sedan (Papapalooza)

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From: "Ryan Moore" baradium@domain.elided

> <snip>
> I had done the after tank filter method too, but had put my filter in the
> engine bay before the pump... after having the line get clogged *before*
> filter, I decided it might be a good idea to put another filter
> after the tank and I also believe I put the sock on when I had to get my
> second new sending unit for the scout.
> -Ryan

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