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RE: real trivia [IC content none]

> >Daf is a Dutch company still in existence.  Their claim to fame is
> the only
> >production continuously variable transmission in current use in
> passenger
> >vehicles (formerly in the Subaru Justy and now a Honda Civic).  In
> the '60s
> >they made some unpopular small cars that I have no idea what they
> look like.
> >The transmission works great, but you can't put much HP through it
> (figure
> >about 80 bhp max for longevity).  The effectiveness of their CVT is
> shown by
> >how the Justy's 0-60 mph time dropped from ~14 seconds to 12
> seconds... I've
> >thought it to be a fine match for small performance cars like an
> X-1/9.
> has anybody ever driven one of these things?
> i had the (mis)fortune to rent a subaru justy once, and it's as close
> to driving a rubber band powered car as you can get.  step on the gas
> and the engine goes right to it's most effective rpm range, then the
> car slowly goes to the corresponding speed.
> very effective i'm sure, and very efficient (the car got incredible
> mileage), but real strange..
> bs

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