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Fiat Books and Information

 Computer User:

Yes,it is the same Faza on a much more limited basis.

The following books are excellent sources of ABARTH information.

ABARTH Catalogue Raisonne 1949-1986 from Automobilia-Milan 
ISBN 88-7960-062-1  ( Pricey but very informative) Hardbound

ABARTH Gold Portfolio 1950-1971, Brooklands Books, Surrey Enland

Fiat 600&850 Gold Potfolio 1955-1972, Brooklands Books, Surrey, England

These can be sourced stateside.

There are really only two ways to go regarding conversions pressuming you are
speaking about Fiat to ABARTH conversions.

You can buy a real car, several of which we have currently available, or build
yourself  a proper replica. If you build yourself one you are able to prepare
a car extremely close to an original. However, you will still have a  replica.
Albeit a fun, fast, unique and reliable car to drive, still a "replica". These
days original cars are getting harder to find (and too expensive for most of
us) so replicas are a good way to go. Replicas are also  introducing many new
people to the joy and mystique of ABARTH.

We have original Homologation papers to help select correct parts.

We currently are manufacturing some outstanding replica parts for these cars
as well as restoring several.

Hope this answers some questions. If you need more info, feel free to give us
a call.


Mille Motori
213-340-8061 Fax

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