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Re: real trivia [IC content none]

dnaj@domain.elided wrote:
>The catalog shows Abarth and high-performance stuff for all the cool foreign
>now long gone. (anyone know what an "Ogle" is?, ditto for Daf?)

Daf is a Dutch company still in existence.  Their claim to fame is the only
production continuously variable transmission in current use in passenger
vehicles (formerly in the Subaru Justy and now a Honda Civic).  In the '60s
they made some unpopular small cars that I have no idea what they look like.
The transmission works great, but you can't put much HP through it (figure
about 80 bhp max for longevity).  The effectiveness of their CVT is shown by
how the Justy's 0-60 mph time dropped from ~14 seconds to 12 seconds... I've
thought it to be a fine match for small performance cars like an X-1/9.

No idea about an Ogle!

George Emery

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