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Fwd: FS: FIAT Spider 2000 Good condition

Found while surfing, no connection...

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I have a 1980 FIAT Spider 2000 for sale for $4,200 negotiable.  I am
located near Philadelphia -- my e-mail is aszafra1@domain.elided, my
number is 610-690-15-30.  The car described:
-- 2000 cc engine -- recently rebuilt
-- 5-speed manual transmission
-- Original wood dash
-- Tan vinyl upholstery (good condition)
-- Tan soft top (Canvas recently replaced)
-- Original light blue paint
-- Minimal rust
-- Strong battery (abt. a year old)
-- Passes NJ emissions
The car is currently drivable.  It can easily be restored to nearly
perfect condition -- it has a few problems.  The driver's door is 
and somewhat rusted.  The fuel pump is not of the correct type -- I 
the correct pump; it just needs to be installed.  One of the metal
convertible top supports is cracked.  Maybe a few other minor problems 

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