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Alfa for sale

Hi.  I found this in my local for-sale newsgroup.  I have no
relationship with this person or car.  It's in Austin, Texas, USA.

>Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce 2000 (81)
>Silver   (Beaufiful paint, two months old!)
>Black Interior with black seats   (redone over the last year)
>New top   (about eight months old)
>Very nice on the outside, with about 6000 dollars spent in restoring over
>the past year only (I keep the receipts). It has CD-player car stereo,
>power windows, power rear view mirrors, etc... Got to sell it to pay
>International students' tuition.
>It is a great car, and I'd love to sell it to car collectors preferably.
>Price $6800
>Call (512)4676595
>Gabriele de Simone


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