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Getting alloy cylinder heads off

 >except for the
>head gasket. I can't seem to get this thing off. I have tried oiling the
>head for the last couple of days, however, no luck. Does anyone have

Things that have worked in the past are:-

1. I presume you mean that it's lifted from the block but won't lift up the

Try making some wooden wedges and tapping them in around the gap
twixt head and block. Once the head is as far up as it will go put some
(modelling clay) around each stud and run parrafin (kerosene) down each
The clay stops it running all over the place and keeps it where it should

Some  heads have enough room to get the studs out with a stud extractor.
If not then the final bit is too use the same clay dams and use a fizzy
like coke (yes honestly), because it is fairly acidic it cleans the gunge
the studs. Make sure when reassembling you clean it all out though.

If the head won't come off the block then, an old trick is with the cam off
so all
the valves are closed then spin it on the starter. The compression always
the seal.



Alfa 75 T Spark


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