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re: The nut behind the wheel

Christopher and Dwight are right on the money.

Last November's Fiat America Driver's School was attended by a 1997 Mustang
GT and a 1997 Saleen Mustang.  I taught the heel-toe/dbl clutch part of the
course.  I drove them both.  I also walked away from them both in a 1986
STOCK X1/9 with mediocre tires.  The new 'stangs are definitely modern
trucks.  At least that's how they handle, even with $450 ZR rated gumballs.
The bottom line is that if you are not into drag racing, the best, cheapest
and funnest way to go faster is to learn how to drive.  These two 'stangs
shortcomings were understeer and the two nuts behind the wheel.  Spend
$2000 at the Russel school and another $1500 on koni's, Yokohama A008R's,
lowering, and proper alignment(people always forget this one) and all of a
sudden the number of horses under your hood is not so important.  Best
thing is that it'll still pass smog, too.

For those that are threatened by asian guys with flat tops, baggy pants,
and coffee cans masquerading as tailpipes, the above recipe is guaranteed
to calm those fears on any windy road.  There's nothing like losing a
lowered civic with 'Powered by Honda' and PIAA stickers all over it on a
twisty road in a rusty '78 X1/9 with bald tires.  Stickers and tailpipes do
not a race car (or race car driver) make.

If you must drag race, go buy a Mustang.  Man, those things are fast...


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