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Going faster in a Fiat

All this talk about making Fiats go faster brings out a point in my mind
that I haven't heard in the forum yet.  To wit:  If you want your car to go
faster, learn how to drive it better.  I'm not saying that I'm any Stirling
Moss (far from it!), but my old X1/9 can be driven plenty fast.  It's just
more a matter of planning, timing, and execution in a slow car than in a
fast one. That's half the fun, at least for me. Also, I've found that
higher quality tires, better brakes, and high quality suspension parts
alone contribute enormously to the speed factor - while making your car
safer and ultimately more durable.

Of course, I guess I'm an oddball.  The stoplight to stoplight drag holds
no allure for me.  Run fast on an lightly traveled mountain two lane for
100 miles without killing yourself or bothering other traffic and I'll be
impressed.  Better yet, take it to the track.

If you really need a fast car, go buy one.  There are many good ones to be
had for not so much money.

Merely my humble opinion...

Christopher Judd  
e-mail: juddman@domain.elided

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