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X1/9 head removal refusal

Emilio asked:
> I can't seem to get this thing off. I have tried oiling the 
> head for the last couple of days, however, no luck. Does anyone have 
> suggestions?

These can be real buggers.  Our club president even had his head hanging
from the rafters of his garage, sadly stuck to the car, which by this
point had it's rear wheels off the ground. He finally relented and
coughed up the cash to buy the Bayless head removal tool, and was done
in about 15min. after having tried everything else he could think of.
This may be your only solution.

Dwight Varnes
1970 124 Spider
previous cars include: 76 X1/9 and 76? 128 3p (head came off easy, BTW),
72 850 Spider, 73 124 Coupe, '59 1500 Fiat-OSCA cabrio.

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