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Return of the Italian auto-makers

With all this talk about Alfa's return the US, it was interesting that
I happened to notice the following:

While I was leafing through the latest Sports Car International, there
on page 7 was a Maserati which the caption mentioned is to be introduced
at the Geneva show and marks Maserati's RETURN TO THE US MARKET!
Apparently, they are going to be sold at Ferrari dealerships beginning
in 1999.  Please, somebody verify that I wasn't dreaming when I read
that bit!

Is Maserati part of the Fiat family?  If they return to the US, could
the rest be far behind?  Is this really news or am I behind the times?

San Diego, CA
'85 GTV-6
(and saving up for a down payment on as yet to be named 1999 Italian car :-)

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