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Re: Fiat x1-9 Head Gasket.

Hello All,

 	I am new to the Italian car digest, and find it an informative medium 
for the maintence, repair and discusion of Italian automobiles. 
Moreover, I have recently aquired an Fiat X1-9 ( some one gave it to me 
for free- can't go wrong)  this car is in good condition, except for the 
head gasket. I can't seem to get this thing off. I have tried oiling the 
head for the last couple of days, however, no luck. Does anyone have 

 Yours Truly
Emilio Belmonte

1978 X1-9
1966 Duetto
1983 GTV/6
1962 2600 Spider
1986 318i (its what gets me to work in the morining)
1979 Moris Minni

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