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It -does- make sense, if Fiat decides to put a Alfa badged barchetta on the
US shores...
According to Maggiora (the barchetta's assembly factory I visited last
year), production would end in 2004. A Fiat Belgium PR guy told a
barchetta-owner at the Brussels Autosalon last week, that production would
cease in 1999 already!

Now figure this: if Fiat HQ decides to swap the Fiat barchetta for an Alfa
barchetta in 1999, just in time for re-introduction of the Alfa marque, to
compete with the BMW Z3? A -Fiat- barchetta would be too expensive to
compete with the Miata and Z3 (a barchetta costs US$22.000 - $28.000 here
in Europe, depending on the country you're in), but an Alfa would be classy
enough to justify the high(er) price.

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